Melting Ice Floes

omg, i was at school being bored, totally not focusing on my teacher. checking out twitter on my blackberry and keeping up to date with what Chanel had to offer during their a/w10 fashion show. and believe me, those tweetphotos really made my day! it was amazing, and really unbelievable. all the photos i saw were fantastic, and i was so hating the fact that i was at school and not front row in paris to watch this show. i'm not sure if they videotaped it, but let's hope so. i'm sure i'm going to watch that show more than a thousand times (at least..)!
since everyone knows that we have to be careful for our nature, and respect it to prevent huge climate changes Chanel showed us a huge catwalk with ice floes and ice water on it. i'm sure it was freezing out there! and it probably was since everyone was wearing their outerwear inside, but anyway. this scene had to point to all the melting ice floes, and the fact that we're all helping the climate to change huge, and ruin all of this beautyness our world has to offer.
the plexiglass heels
okay, now back to fashion. Chanel, for me one of the most amazing ones out there. Karl Lagerfeld, known as one of my heroes, surprised us again. at first place with the amazing scene on the catwalk, and with the refeshing designs. models struggling through the ice water on their plexiglass heels, wearing faux fur coats and rocking amazing accesories. i have one word for this, FIERCE, Karl! i really loved this show, even besides the fact that i prefer real fur instead of faux fur.
one of the models rocking faux fur boots

photos from Elle.nl


The Living Dress

like you maybe already mentioned, i'm a huge fan of Lady GaGa. she's one of my biggest inspirations, ever existed on this whole world. i'm not only liking her sense of taste, the extravagant outfits and her music but also the person that's inside of all this fierceness. i know some people who meeted GaGa in Amsterdam, when she was here for two concerts, i joined both btw, and she was so sweet to her fans. knowing this, my love for GaGa grew more and more, and right now i'm at the point that i can't love her more than that i already do.
after telling you all this, i have to highlight the dress GaGa wore during one of her Monster Ball tour shows. it's called the living dress, and it's made by The Haus Of GaGa. i was so amazed by this dress, i had to show this one to you. it's a wonderful white dress, well made, really hitting the right point, and it amazed me that they made this amazing looking dress even more amazing. they blew some life in it, and now the dress is really living, it's breathing!