AIFW, Highlights And Musthaves

since there were too many shows during AIFW i decided not to do reviews of all of the shows. but instead of the reviews i came up with another idea. i'm gonna show you what for me the highlights and definitely the musthaves are.

the first thing i saw what will be a must have for the girls, is long straight silky hair wich i saw on the runway at Mattijs's show. the color red. definitely going to be a must have. both for men and for women. not only in the show of Mattijs i saw the color red, but also in other shows all over the world, we saw the color red for a/w2010.scarves. i know that scarves are forever, but this season you'll see the most outrageous scarves, with fabulous details and ad-ons. it's all about the details this season! this is something we saw in a lot of the shows this time. oversized trousers, for man and woman. i love this look, but will it fit everyone?
like i said, the oversized trousers look. for man and woman. i absolutely like this look. and this season, it isn't only about the oversized trousers. the jackets will be oversized too, at least if it fits your body. not everyone can work this, believe me.

photos from aifw.nl

AIFW: Amsterdam International Fashion Week

because i'm dutch, i felt like spending a blog post on AIFW: Amsterdam International Fashion Week. designers showed their a/w 2010 collections during the fashion week from january 27th until january 31st, at the 'westergasfabriek' in amsterdam. since this was the last day of AIFW i decided that today was the time to dedicate a blog post to AIFW.

on january 27th, Jan Taminiau showed off his a/w2010 collection. normally i like his collections a lot, but this time it felt like we all have seen this before. the dresses, are well made. real craftmanship, but i think some of the ideas are stolen from other designers. and what about the hairbands? looked great in 2009, but in 2010 we want something new Jan! but because i don't feel like giving all negative reviews let's talk about the platform shoes, those are really fabulous and i'm curious if these will be for retail soon, or if these are only samples for his fashionshow.you see what i'm talking about? it looks like redesigned, existing dresses. doesn't mean i don't like them though, they're looking really fabulous, well made and good to wear.

because i want to study at AMFI, amsterdam fashion institute. this show asked for my attention. it's the Individuals by AMFI fashion show. totally set up by students. i hope, one day, models will walk down the runway with my designs on. AMFI get ready for me. anyways, i don't think they made it work this time. like, if you look at these photos, it's all something we already worn in 2009. and were they thinking people are really going to wear lookthrough jumpsuits, and dresses completely made out of lace? GaGa wears this kind of clothes, but hey. haven't she already rocked this looks? too bad Individuals. ooh and those peep-toe pumps, so standard.

i picked out these 2 shows, because i was expecting a lot from these two shows. but this time, too bad, they dissapointed me a little bit. maybe next time they'll rock the runway? who knows.
and something else, dissapointed me too. Daryl van Wouw wasn't showing his collection this time at AIFW. i always look forward to see his new shows and collections, he is one of my favorite dutch designers. i think one of these days i'll step by at his atelier or small boutique to see what's going on.
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Thimister Couture

to be honest, i've never heard of Thimister before, until i decided to take a look at the photos of Thimister's couture show. unlike all other designers, he was already showing his fall 2010 couture, instead of his spring 2010 couture. the theme of this collection is a mix between bloodshed and millitaria, from convulsive russian history and the current moment.
i really like this couture collection, and the theme it's based on. it's about wars, world wars and that were the only subjects in my history class i actually liked.

they opened the show with this millitary-ish look. i really love this one, the boots and the jacket are my favorites of the entire collection. imagine that you own this jacket and how many looks you can create with this jacket. this earned the number one place on my wishlist.the same look for women. i like how they do the same looks for both genders.
and another great look, i say. the pants and the jacket are absolutely fabulous, but the boots? i dont think anyone would really wear those boots. for all photos of Thimister fall 2010 couture show, slideshow.
before. i never had heard of Thimister. but everytime i hear, read or see Thimister now, i'm definitely gonna pay full attention to it. i enclosed Thimister into my heart. Amen.


Best And Worst Of January Fashion Magazines

everybody knows, february is the month for the fashion magazines to publish the spring fashion in their magazines. but in january, they sometimes tease you a little bit with some warm-weather-clothes. sometimes they kill it, but sometimes, nah they just suck in teasing.the model looks like she's travelling back in time to collect her long-lost love, tarzan. And it works. Japanese Vogue
do i need to explain this one? most bulging spread ever. VMan this is so boring. the concept of a fabulous dressed woman doing normal things in the real world is such a classic and used too often to still like it. i love the outfits though. Harper's Bazaar
photos from nymag.com

Marc Jacobs To Broadcast His Fall/Winter 2010 Show Live

fashionista's grab your smartphones or agendas and put February 15th in it as an important appointment. Marc Jacobs will broadcast his fall/winter 2010 show live from his website at 8PM US time that night.

for the european readers, 8PM US time is about 02:00 on february 16th. so watch the time difference, otherwise you'll miss it.
screenshot by me, from marcjacobs.com

Let Me Introduce: The New Valentino

i was really surprised when i was taking a look at the photos of the spring 2010 Valentino couture show. in my thoughts, Valentino was always one of those labels, who make the most beautiful and gorgeous gowns with a classic look. so, this time i was expecting the same, but ohmygod. they came up with an extremely different look, and i loveee this new look.

looking at these pictures, it's quite evident that Valentino wants to attract a new kind of customers. i dont know if this will do good for them, maybe it's too risky and too forward.
like i already mentioned, i love this change of look. but i think that it would turn out better, if Valentino stays Valentino with the classic look, making beautiful couture gowns like they did for centuries. but who am i to say this? maybe im completely wrong and are their former customers eager to buy these new couture outfits.

oh and btw, what about the batman masks?
photos from style.com, edited by me


Fashion Monster

So...guess this means im back in the blogging scene? I decided to start blogging again, after i saw all of these wonderful blogs talking about fashion week. This really made me want to go blogging again, i missed it, but i had to quit with it a few months ago. Already mentioned the new name; Fashion Monster? Yeah. thats because im gonna make a new start, blogging about everything, all fashion. Not specificly male fashion, what i used to do under the name, Male Perfection. like, what whas i thinking with that name? Anyways, Fashion Monster because this is a fashion blog and monster, yeah. im addicted to Lady GaGa, love her, her music, her fashion. GaGa is my personal goddess. So thats why. Too bad i have to leave my cozy warm house for work, but i'll really start blogging after my work! Think im gonna start with some reviews of last fashion week..