fashion is a serious business. behind the façade of luxury and glamour hides one of the biggest and most dynamic world industries. the world of fashion is at AMFI shared in three fields of studies: fashion & branding, fashion & design and fashion & management. AMFI offers in 4 year a good basis for a succesful career in the fascinating fashion world.
this sounds amazing right? so it is AMFI for me tomorrow, they're having an open door day for students who are interested to study at AMFI. i decided to take a look at the fashion & design section because like you probably know, im really interested in fashion and love to design and sketch clothes.
what i also love about this study, is that the students have their own label, it's called individuals and it's their exam project. they have to design, make and set up everything, from photoshoot until fashion show wich they present during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. i say ferosh!
i'll make some photo's tomorrow and upload them later, sorry in advance for the bad quality of the photos because i have to make them with my Blackberry Bold9000, my digital camera is down. too bad.
for more info about AMFI, visit their website (they also do the full programme in english, international course)
for more info about Individuals by AMFI, visit their website

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