Love Love Louis

i am really in love with the new Louis Vuitton bags that'll be released, early march. the monogram denim collection is promised to be a colorful one. inspired by the color palette of the spring, green, orange, rose and blue tones. the bags are practical and functional and are meant to be everyday pieces.

first we have this cute sunburst gm, the gm boasts a roomy interior and is complimented by an exterior belted pocket. the straps are made of canvas with a vache leather shoulder guard, and this one will have a pricetag that'll be about $3200. it also comes in the pm size

next we have the sunrise. a gartered messenger bag, it will come in orange and blue with an estimated price of $2600

lastly, we have the smallest of them all , the Sunshine. Measuring less than a foot, it's definitely the most delightful of them all. this is also the cheapest one, with a price tag of $2300.i really love these bags, especially the sunburst gm. if i ever own the sunburst gm, i would probably die of happiness, combinating it with a silver fox fur tail keychain, just like the models rocked those down the runway. i found these silver fox fur tails for $29.99 on ebay.
photos from purseblog.com

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