Chanel Take Away

everytime when i’m bored, i come up with ideas like watching old fashion shows. so did i this time, I went to the Chanel website, and watched the pre-fall 2010 show, the paris-shanghai collection. i really loved it when i saw it the first time, so it was pretty easy to choose a show I wanted to watch again. it’s inspired on a trip, Coco wanted to go on, unfortunately these plans only came true in her dreams.the shanghai-paris collection includes the cutest bag ever, well not the cutest, but the funniest in a cute way though. it’s this take away box, redesigned by Karl into a real Chanel take away box. picking up noodles on your way home was never before this chic.
for more Chanel, paris-shanghai collection visit style.com or chanel.com


Michele said...

Oh my god that bag is making me cry of joy, and sadness at the same time cause I will never have it.

JulienMonster said...

Awww, i know. I hate it when i love things so much, but when i dont have enough money to buy it :(

EdenLoveGaga said...

i dont really like it :/