Thimister Couture

to be honest, i've never heard of Thimister before, until i decided to take a look at the photos of Thimister's couture show. unlike all other designers, he was already showing his fall 2010 couture, instead of his spring 2010 couture. the theme of this collection is a mix between bloodshed and millitaria, from convulsive russian history and the current moment.
i really like this couture collection, and the theme it's based on. it's about wars, world wars and that were the only subjects in my history class i actually liked.

they opened the show with this millitary-ish look. i really love this one, the boots and the jacket are my favorites of the entire collection. imagine that you own this jacket and how many looks you can create with this jacket. this earned the number one place on my wishlist.the same look for women. i like how they do the same looks for both genders.
and another great look, i say. the pants and the jacket are absolutely fabulous, but the boots? i dont think anyone would really wear those boots. for all photos of Thimister fall 2010 couture show, slideshow.
before. i never had heard of Thimister. but everytime i hear, read or see Thimister now, i'm definitely gonna pay full attention to it. i enclosed Thimister into my heart. Amen.

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