AIFW: Amsterdam International Fashion Week

because i'm dutch, i felt like spending a blog post on AIFW: Amsterdam International Fashion Week. designers showed their a/w 2010 collections during the fashion week from january 27th until january 31st, at the 'westergasfabriek' in amsterdam. since this was the last day of AIFW i decided that today was the time to dedicate a blog post to AIFW.

on january 27th, Jan Taminiau showed off his a/w2010 collection. normally i like his collections a lot, but this time it felt like we all have seen this before. the dresses, are well made. real craftmanship, but i think some of the ideas are stolen from other designers. and what about the hairbands? looked great in 2009, but in 2010 we want something new Jan! but because i don't feel like giving all negative reviews let's talk about the platform shoes, those are really fabulous and i'm curious if these will be for retail soon, or if these are only samples for his fashionshow.you see what i'm talking about? it looks like redesigned, existing dresses. doesn't mean i don't like them though, they're looking really fabulous, well made and good to wear.

because i want to study at AMFI, amsterdam fashion institute. this show asked for my attention. it's the Individuals by AMFI fashion show. totally set up by students. i hope, one day, models will walk down the runway with my designs on. AMFI get ready for me. anyways, i don't think they made it work this time. like, if you look at these photos, it's all something we already worn in 2009. and were they thinking people are really going to wear lookthrough jumpsuits, and dresses completely made out of lace? GaGa wears this kind of clothes, but hey. haven't she already rocked this looks? too bad Individuals. ooh and those peep-toe pumps, so standard.

i picked out these 2 shows, because i was expecting a lot from these two shows. but this time, too bad, they dissapointed me a little bit. maybe next time they'll rock the runway? who knows.
and something else, dissapointed me too. Daryl van Wouw wasn't showing his collection this time at AIFW. i always look forward to see his new shows and collections, he is one of my favorite dutch designers. i think one of these days i'll step by at his atelier or small boutique to see what's going on.
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