Let Me Introduce: The New Valentino

i was really surprised when i was taking a look at the photos of the spring 2010 Valentino couture show. in my thoughts, Valentino was always one of those labels, who make the most beautiful and gorgeous gowns with a classic look. so, this time i was expecting the same, but ohmygod. they came up with an extremely different look, and i loveee this new look.

looking at these pictures, it's quite evident that Valentino wants to attract a new kind of customers. i dont know if this will do good for them, maybe it's too risky and too forward.
like i already mentioned, i love this change of look. but i think that it would turn out better, if Valentino stays Valentino with the classic look, making beautiful couture gowns like they did for centuries. but who am i to say this? maybe im completely wrong and are their former customers eager to buy these new couture outfits.

oh and btw, what about the batman masks?
photos from style.com, edited by me

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