Fashion Monster

So...guess this means im back in the blogging scene? I decided to start blogging again, after i saw all of these wonderful blogs talking about fashion week. This really made me want to go blogging again, i missed it, but i had to quit with it a few months ago. Already mentioned the new name; Fashion Monster? Yeah. thats because im gonna make a new start, blogging about everything, all fashion. Not specificly male fashion, what i used to do under the name, Male Perfection. like, what whas i thinking with that name? Anyways, Fashion Monster because this is a fashion blog and monster, yeah. im addicted to Lady GaGa, love her, her music, her fashion. GaGa is my personal goddess. So thats why. Too bad i have to leave my cozy warm house for work, but i'll really start blogging after my work! Think im gonna start with some reviews of last fashion week..

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