Back In The Blogging Scene

As you can see, i blew some new life into my blog. Changed the design, changed the name, (before it was called Fashion Monster), changed some things here and there and found the persistence to start again, and to keep on blogging ofcourse. I still can't understand why I neglected all this, the happiness, the satisfaction it gave me when i was blogging about my biggest passion.
As you can see, i'm still working on the new look of my blog. I hope that one of these days i'm finished with revamping it, so i can start blogging again as if i never left the scene.

btw, had a tough day at school. werqed it in this knitted sweater my grandma made like 30 or 40 years ago, it's really cool. It's a shade of purple, mixed with a little white and it's fluffy. I don't have a photo of it (i'm sorry), my camera is broken and hopefully at short notice i'll be the owner of a brand new camera! Until then, me, and you guys have to deal with the quality of photos my Blackberry makes, i'll show you what quality with this photo i made of my moodboard in my drawing class today.
I know i used some old outtakes and ad campaigns, but the moodboard had to be inspired on nature, especially the ocean, under water creatures, clouds and the sun.