Exhausted. Still exhausted, thanks to last weekend and a really intensive monday afterwards. I'm one of those people, who likes to go out as often as possible. Normally i go clubbin'in cities like Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Rotterdam but this week was different, let me tell you, reeeeaally different, in a bad way. I went clubbin'in my hometown, Deurne, in this 'new' club called 'Metro'. Normally where i go out, people spend hours and hours in front of the mirror before they leave to go clubbin', and i have no idea why people in this 'Metro Club thingy' think different about how important it is how you look, when you go out, oh and the DJ was on crack for sure. Enough said. I couldn't take it any longer, so i left early to have some more drinks at my friend's house to build our own little party, and to be honest at her's it was even more fun, than in the quasi club.

So after this 'heavy' night i woke up, a little hung over, but i promised to visit my grand parents last sunday, so i had to leave my friend's home with this enormous headache, put on my pokerface and pretended that i was all happy and fresh, saw some members of my family i haven't seen for a while, so that was interesting.
Remember i had this bonding time with my mom on saturday? Guess what, even more bonding time last sunday! After i visited my grand parents, i surprised my parents with my appearance. I had quite some fun with them, and i met my little brother's girlfriend. My mom and i had some conversations about how my life is at the moment, and how i manage everything, and now that everything's clear i hope she isn't worried anymore about me and things that has to do with me.
I have to apologise, everytime when i'm at my parents their house i can't control myself and i sneak out to ransack the entire attic. It surprises me, because every single time i find some new pieces of clothing, jewellery or other things i can really use. This time was even more special, because i found this blazer/jacket my mom made when she was young, and now i'm gonna wear it, she really liked that idea. And i really liked the blazer/jacket thing, even more in combination with some of these cool brouches and this vintage watch i found over there.
After finding this 'jackpot' my mom made a lovely dinner for us, and we had this little 'family dinner'. I really loved it, she made some italian food, but i can't remember the name of it (i'm sorry). I do have photo of it, maybe you can recognize what it is?

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