Born This Way

This week is already the best week of this year (at least, until now), my biggest love and inspiration is releasing the first single of her upcoming studio Album 'Born This Way', called 'Born This Way' and on saturday performing live at the Grammy Awards. After a few months, only touring with her Monster Ball tour, she finally comes with some new music, tv show performances and not to forget, the 60 minutes long interview right after the Grammy Awards!
I'm sure it was all worth the wait, and today she revealed the cover of her new single on twitpic! I was at this birthday party, and omg when i saw this on my blackberry i totally freaked out, everytime she is able to surprise and overwhelm us even more.
People are saying the cover is inspired on Unicorns or Pegasus, but when i saw it, it reminded me of Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 fashion show. The models also were rocking the horn-ish things on their faces.
Born This Way will be released on Friday 11 February, 9AM US time.

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