Don't Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen

Today was one of the most amazing days ever! I was so excited during the entire day. It all began at 9:30am when i woke up, knowing that in 30 minutes i'd hear lady gaga's born this way for the very first time! I tuned in at the american radio stations, and waited until they premiered the song. My first reaction was extreme, i was shaking and even crying. The text is so inspiring, the melody rocks and the beats are amazing. This is one of the best songs GaGa has ever made! Thanks to the premiere of Born This Way i was a little too late at my work, but they forgave me because they know about me and my gaga obsession.
In every little break i had, i was listening to born this way, and every time i listened to it, i loved it even more! After work i went to the city to do a little shopping with my own pretty fag hag puk, and i got myself a new (little bit) oversized tanktop with a print of a model on it, saying: i'm not your princess and ofcourse an iTunes card so i could buy Born This Way on itunes! To be honest, i didn't bought it once, no i bought it 11 times, couldn't resist myself of buying it so many times. And thanks to all the people buying Born this Way legally, she was at the number one spot in the USA in like 3 hours! Now she's already on the number one spot in 19 countries! We did it little monsters!

Listen here to Born this way by Lady GaGa. What do you guys think of her next single?
We're on the right track baby!!

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