Young And Fresh Designer: Samira Algoe, ZEM

Just like my dutch readers will know for sure, last week Amsterdam was full of important people from the fashion industry, fashionistas and a load full of bloggers. AIFW (Amsterdam International Fashion week) shook up the city, and all fashion lovers were over excited because some big names were about to show their A/W2011 collection. Names like, Jan Taminiau (who opened this fashion week with an amazing show), Bas Kosters, Monique Collignon and Addy van den Krommenacker. Their shows were amazing just like we're used of them.
For me, most of the time, it's more interesting what the new and young designers are all about, are they innovative? Are they creative and hard working enough to succeed as a designer? Well for me, Samira Algoe was.
Samira Algoe was a student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), and graduated in 2010 with an amazing collection wich is a striking representation of her style and vision. Samira is wel known for the use of unusual materials in combination with usual materials, all worked together to amazing pieces of clothing. Samira sees her pieces of clothing, not necessarily as actual clothes, more like objects. The men she projects are also objects, objects from flesh and blood, the embodiment of a humanoid. Instead of men wearing the clothes, the clothes are wearing the men.
She opened her show with a model with white/grey tufts of hair walking on red snow boots and a ski outfit, that's when i knew: this show is on! She sent her models on the runway with pieces of clothing, normally worn by women, like capes and leggings. I think she transformed these typical pieces of clothing for women into a new trend for men. The collection existed mainly out of light shades of blue, and some light touches of soft pink. For me it really worked out, and i'm sure we're gonna hear a LOT of this new and young designer.
photos via Samira Algoe, ZEM weblog

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