Dreaming About Alexa

Just like every human being on this earth, i have a wish list. But there's one thing i want very badly, and i keep thinking and thinking about it. It's this Mulberry bag, the 'oversized Alexa', made of soft buffalo leather, with amazing details on the bag and also on the hardware and in the Netherlands it's available for 1100euros, and i keep dreaming and day dreaming about it. I was in my art class today, and we had to find pictures in magazines, and i saw this Alexa and i freaked out, my teacher asked me what was going on, and i told her that i'm saving up for this bag and everytime i touch or even see one, i totally freak out, in combination with the fact that Lady GaGa will release her next single tomorrow! She totally laughed at me and told me that i was one of the funniest students she had ever met in her whole career as a teacher.
Tomorrow will be an exciting day for me! Born this Way will get released and i'd probably be freaking out the entire day. I'll keep you up to date with how i'm doing on saving for my own Alexa, and i'm definitely gonna tell you guys what i think about Born This Way.

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Hiuxing said...

Love that bag so much! It's on my wishlist too. I'm only owning a look-a-like now. :(