Bonding Time

The weather wasn't really on our side today, but we conquered it and we had a great time together! No, i'm not dating anyone or seeing someone.. i'm talking about me and my mom. In the past we had some issues, but i think they made us stronger in a really really good way.
My mom called me yesterday to ask me if i wanted to join her, on her search for a new pair of shoes, and i loved the idea. After, like, about 2 hours we found the perfect shoes for her, and after finding them she surprised me with, now we're gonna buy some clothes for YOU! I was surprised, and really happy at that moment. So we took off to the stores i wanted to visit, first we went to 'Doortje Vintage' where i saw this beautiful, blue trenchcoat, unfortunately it wasn't my size, that made me sad for a moment. After our visit to 'Doortje Vintage' we went to H&M where i found this beautiful grey trenchcoat, almost similar to the one i saw in the other store, i was so happy, and even more happy when my mom bought the trenchcoat and a basic striped t-shirt for me! I'll show you the trenchcoat one of these days on a photo where i'm wearing the trenchcoat. After H&M, my mom said she had to buy a T-shirt for my little brother, so we went to a store called 'Men at Work', i normally dont go to this kind of stores to buy clothes, because the clothes they sell in there, are like worn by everyone. So we we're looking for a t-shirt for my little brother, and at once i found this amazing blouse, by Diesel and i fell in love at first sight, and guess what? Now i'm the owner of my new freaking love! Oh, and i bought some Diesel jeans.
As you can read, this day was freaking amazing and i freaking love my mom!

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