Just Like The Movies

Craving, i was craving for sushi all week long, and guess what? Today i finally had my sushi! I went to Soho, this japanese restaurant in Eindhoven, with my fiancé and simultaneously my own pretty fag hag Puk. She's one of my best friends, and i love her and sushi so much. We had a lovely dinner, and afterwards we went for a little shopping. Just like the movies, quality bonding time with your best friend!
Puk scored this new Supertrash dress, and i got myself this new red leopard print scarf, and i'm excited to combine and wear it!
On the photo you can see the scarf i bought today, and this piece of fur i got a few days ago. I have no idea what kind of fur it is, but it looked beautiful, so i couldn't resist buying it.


Anonymous said...

ik denk dat jou furr van een schaapje is.. of misschien een rioolrat? haha nee grapje schat! Joyce likes

Juliën Amatkarijo said...

hahaha, neenee het is een beestje met wel mooi haar. dus geen rioolrat :'( haha.